Monday, October 10, 2011

Thousands pack downtown Ocean Springs for Cruisin

If you wanted to see classic cars, listen to some old time rock and roll, and just have a good time, downtown Ocean Springs was the place to be Friday night. The city hosted a sock hop for Cruisin' the Coast, and thousands showed up to take part in the fun.

As the sun was setting on classic cars, and the temperatures cooled down, the streets of Ocean Springs were just starting to heat up.

Dennis Landry was one of the stars of the show with his burn-out truck.

"Wow, I got all the traffic shut down. Where's the fire department when you need them?" Landry asked. "I hope the cops love me."

Baby Charlie was another star. Mom Lauren Russell believes in starting them young.

"He's gonna be a cruiser with his dad and his grandpa," Russell said. "He's enjoyed it. It's been a pretty day."

Thousands of people and hundreds of cars made for a spectacular show. First time cruisers from Texas summed up the experience perfectly, praising the beaches, the hospitality, and all the t-shirts.

No matter where you looked, people were swinging to the music, including a little girl in a tiny poodle skirt.

Speaking of poodles and other dogs, they were part of the act as well. There's just something about Cruisin' that all party animals love.

Percy Lott and Genelle Rick are planning on tying the knot soon. But Cruisin' puts the wedding on the back burner for now. Other things take priority.

"I like all the old cars and I love Ocean Springs and I just like all the people, the music, the food, just all the excitement," Rick said.

And what would Cruisin' be without making a few classic memories of a time that never seems to get old. The cameras were out in force capturing the cars and special moments.

For first time cruisers like Tia Gordon, here with her dad who's been cruisin for seven years, it's a day she won't forget anytime soon.

"It's real nice, lovely really," Gordon said. "When it comes to all these classics, I love classic cars."

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The fun continues in Ocean Springs Saturday as the city hosts the third and final day of the Cruisin' venue throughout downtown. To see the full schedule, visit